Let me start this article from the definition of cold press juicer. So, what is cold press juicer? Well its an ordinary juicer which we use in our daily life. It comes with low speed. The speed usually less than 110 RPMW (This is a measuring unit stands for revolution per minute). Because of their low speed they are also known as low RPM juicers. The cold press juicers are commonly used in houses to blend fruits and vegetables to obtain juices.

Now we talk about the centrifugal juicers. The huge difference between the ordinary and centrifugal juicers is the speed. The centrifugal juicers work at the speed of 6500 to 13000 RPM. Yes, it is way too higher. But due to this high speed the fruits and vegetables it chops loss their nutrients and vitamins. It’s no healthier than. So these are the reasons cold press juicers are widely use in homes and other places.

The cold press juicers have many other names, don’t need to get confuse. Some of the names are as follows:

  • Single Auger juicers
  • Wheat grass juicers
  • Masticating juicers
  • Twin gear juicers

The Cold press juicers are way too different from the centrifugal one. Same as their purposes are different too. Masticating juicer comes with the lower speed of 80 RPM. Now its even lower so the extraction of fruits and vegetables are not that simple as it looks like. All the other categories mentioned above works with almost same mechanism.

Nowadays mostly juicers come with the feature of both hard and soft produce. When you give a hard push to cold press juicer, it just crashed the fruit or whatever inside. It’s perfect for icy drinks. The extracted and the final form comes out from a meesh screen into the juice container. It also filters pulp in the separate section.

As compared to other juicers the cold press juicer is costly but trust me it’s worth it. It provides many benefits in terms of healthy intake. It makes sure that your glass of juice is full of nutrients and vitamins. There are so many types of juicers available in the market, cheap and expensive, huge and small, old or advanced. But check the quality before buying, you cannot rely on the cheaper ones always.

Cold press juicer is a very necessary thing for a kitchen, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Actually, it depends on your requirement. For example, if you are a fan of raw food then you don’t have to buy the juicers with hard push. Enjoy your soft pulpy juice anytime.

Juicers are the part of our daily lifestyle. According to the survey report 40 percent of the United States population purchase cheaper cold press juicers and later they regret it. So, don’t compromise on the quality for buying the juicer.